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Age GroupMiddle School athletes

When: April 15-18, 2019 (Monday through Thursday)

Times: Morning (9 am - 12pm), Afternoon (12 - 3 pm)
or All Day (9 am - 3 pm)

‚ÄčLocation: TBD (either The Campus - 100 Powers Ct, Sterling, VA 20166 - or The Pavilion - 43635 Greenway Corporate Dr, Ashburn, VA 20147)
Use your SPRING BREAK to sharpen your volleyball skills! Our awesome coaches will help you to improve your fundamentals in your vacation. Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by other players with the same dedication as you. Bring your game to the next level with us!
2019 Spring Break Camps
Our Spring Break Camps are designed for athletes in Middle School and will cover all basic volleyball fundamentals: Serve, Serve Reception, Set, Attack and Defense.  If coaches see that athletes are tall enough to block, then this fundamental may be included in the camp, at the discretion of the coaches. Acitivities will also include games to develop agility, coordination, team spirit and socialization. 
Our coaches strive to nurture a fun environment where all athletes feel challenged regardless of their skill level, although coaches expect that the majority of the athletes attending will be at the beginner level.
IMPORTANT: Every day the all day campers will review in the afternoon the same content/practice that was offered in the morning of that same day,