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Spike Starz


We are committed to providing opportunities for our local youth to fall in love, learn, play and excel at a level of volleyball play that is both fun and challenging. With this goal in mind, we present our Spike Starz program, based upon the skills, desires and goals of the players. This program provides opportunities for girls and boys (coed) from grades 3 through 5 to take their first steps, fall in love and learn and enjoy the sport of volleyball.

Spike Starz is designed to holistically develop our children, focusing on fundamental motor skills, age-appropriate biomotor abilities/physical fitness, and the introduction to volleyball-specific techniques. The program aims to enhance physical fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, and general coordination. By fostering teamwork, social skills, and a spirit of fair play, we strive to instill values of sportsmanship and healthy competition. Our inclusive approach accommodates varying skill levels, promoting confidence building and a positive, enjoyable experience. Through this program, we aim to cultivate physical literacy, long-term interest in physical activity, and a love for a well-balanced and active lifestyle among participants.

There is no previous playing experience required to join Spike Starz. Our coaches will provide the training necessary for your player to join the incredible world of volleyball. NOTE: this is an in-house only training program and no games against other clubs are programmed.
Spike Starz at Loudoun Elite Volleyball runs for 6 weeks (two days/week), with a total of 12 days per session.
Gym Policy: No food (snacks nor candy) is allowed in the gym; water bottles are permitted.

For more info and registration, please click the link below: