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Our Strength & Conditioning Director: McKenna Smet

McKenna Smet is a renowned trainer and highly sought after in the fitness industry. She is a former division 1 college athlete and is highly experienced in training athletes:

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Kinesiology  from Towson University
  • National Council on Strength & Fitness CPT
  • 2015 Assistant Fitness Director of the Year 
  • First Place at 2016 Queen of the Solstice Summer Strongwoman Competition
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

McKenna is also a guest host on Good Morning Washington (ABC7 News Channel 8) for Workout Wednesday.

Our trainer has the power to make you perform with the highest possible effort. She makes you understand the importance of every movement, why to make this faster and that heavier. McKenna has a deep understanding of the human body, its adjustments and its needs and how to make it better, stronger, faster and fitter. She has both the experience as a high performance athlete and a high qualified trainer, which makes her the best trainer our athletes could ask for.

Learn more about Coach McKenna.



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