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Loudoun Elite Volleyball  All of our coaches are extremely high educated. They also have tremendous international and division 1 college experience as coaches, as athletes, we are the mostly qualified coaching staff in the Northern Virginia area.

Our core coaches come from Brazil. This makes all the difference with the training methods. Why do we do it? How do we do it?


There is more than one reason why the majority of our coaches come from Brazil:
1. They are highly educated: It is mandatory in Brazil (by federal law) a degree in Sports Sciences/Physical Education for every one working in the fitness/wellness/sports industry.  For that reason, all the Brazilian coaches have at least a related bachelor degree ;
2. The career is focused on Sports: Coaching in Brazil is not a hobby, it is a full time job. Coaches in Brazil must have a license within the state where they work and the fitness/wellness/sports industry is becoming more and more important in promoting health and developing high performance athletes within the nation.
3. Volleyball coaches are even more educated: Specifically in volleyball, the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation also demands that all coaches in the official competitions to be certified by the Confederation itself in different levels:
a. National Coach Level I: every coach with a degree in Physical Education and/or Sports Sciences is automatically considered a National Coach Level I and they are allowed to coach teams up to Under 12 in official competitions and apply for the Level II;
b. National Coach Level II: every coach who takes the Level II 80 hour face-to-face course and passes the written and practical test is allowed to coach teams up to Under 18 in official competitions;
c. National Coach Level III: every coach who holds a Graduation degree in Volleyball Training and/or every coach who holds a Level II can apply for the Level III certification, also an 80 hour face-to-face course. If they pass the written and practical test for the Level III they will be allowed to coach teams of any age (including adults and pro teams) in official competitions;
d. National Coach Level IV: this certification is focused on developing program directors and managers only. Every coach who holds a level III can appy for the Level IV. 
e. National Coach Level V: if a coach is summoned  to become either head or assistant coach for any of the national teams and wins an international competition, e.g., Pan American Championship, World Championship, World League, World Cup or Olympic Games he/she will be recognized as a National Coach Level V.



"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."
Benjamin Franklin

Do you know of any companies or projects that have achieved success without good, detailed planning? If you don't know where you're going, then anywhere is enough. How to achieve success? The basics of management says that the first step is to set your goals. Then, how long you plan to achieve those goals. Once you know what are your goals and how much time you have to achieve them, you can establish what to do. In sports it is the same. 

However, sport development is no rocket science. We are dealing with human beings, who have their own histories, backgrounds and values, their own rate and speed of learning, their own way to face and assess the game and the training process, human beings who are in the most particular phase of biological development with its own nuances, the adolescence, and we have a bonus: those human beings have to work in a group and as a group they will try to achieve both a common group goal and their own individual goals. Do you really think anyone can do it? Do you really think you can do it with no planning? 

Our coaches are not just pros but they also strive do detail each and every step of the season: goals, assessment, stats, conditioning, team bonding, drills, progressions, corrections, and everything you need to have a successful program.

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