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Welcome to Loudoun Elite Volleyball!

Loudoun Elite Volleyball Club stands as one of the preeminent volleyball organizations in Loudoun County, Virginia. Since its establishment in 2016, the club has swiftly risen to prominence, offering comprehensive year-round training and competitive opportunities for female athletes of all ages and skill levels. Guided by a cadre of nationally and internationally experienced coaches, Loudoun Elite Volleyball is dedicated to nurturing young athletes, fostering both their athletic and personal growth. Our overarching mission is to cultivate a positive and challenging environment where players can flourish while imbibing the values of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance.

At the core of our ethos lie three fundamental values:

1. Community: We foster a sense of belonging and support within our club, uniting players, coaches, and families in a shared pursuit of excellence.

2. Team: We prioritize collaboration and camaraderie, recognizing that success is achieved through collective effort and mutual respect.

3. Positive Experience: We strive to ensure that every interaction with our club leaves a lasting positive impact, fostering a culture of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Every facet of our operations, from training sessions to competitions, is grounded in these core values, guiding our actions and decisions.


Our developmental philosophy

At Loudoun Elite Volleyball, our Travel Volleyball Programs (indoor and beach) embody our commitment to excellence, development, and achievement. Our program philosophy is underpinned by a progressive approach, aimed at empowering athletes to reach their full potential both on and off the court. Our competitive philosophy is PROGRESSIVE PLAY TO WIN.


Principles of Our Program

1. Excellence: We set high standards and strive for continuous improvement, pushing our athletes to achieve excellence in every facet of their game.

2. Commitment: We instill a strong sense of dedication and perseverance, fostering a culture of commitment to the team and individual growth.

3. Intensity: We embrace the intensity of competition, challenging our athletes to push their limits and excel under pressure.

4. Competitiveness: We cultivate a competitive mindset, teaching our athletes to embrace challenges and strive for success in every match and training session.

5. Positivity: We promote a positive and supportive environment, emphasizing the importance of optimism, resilience, and sportsmanship.

6. Camaraderie: We foster strong bonds and mutual respect among teammates, recognizing that unity and teamwork are essential for success.

7. Fun: We prioritize enjoyment and fulfillment in our training and competition, ensuring that the journey towards improvement is both rewarding and enjoyable.

8. Family: We nurture a sense of belonging and support within our club, treating every member as part of the Loudoun Elite family.

For more about our club philosophy (including our playing time policy), visit our Policies & Protocols page.


Loudoun Elite travel teams teams are the highest level of play of Loudoun Elite. The travel team program is one of the many programs our club offers to the Loudoun County community. Our travel teams compete in approximately two tournaments per month, such as the wide-known National Harbor Showdown, Capitol Hill Classic, the Northeast Qualifier (Philadelphia, PA), the Atlantic Coast Power League, the JVA Charm City Challenge (Baltimore, MD), the Chesapeake Volleyball Association Regional tournament, the East Coast Championships (Pittsburgh, PA),  San Juan (Puerto Rico), National Qualifiers in Minneapolis, Orlando, Atlanta, and others, the AAU Nationals (Orlando FL), and the USAV Junior National Championship.


We have one of the best Coaching Staffs in the Northern Virginia area. Our coaches are highly educated, with both national and international experience either as athletes (Division I Collegiate level, National Teams, Olympic medalists) and/or as coaches (Collegiate level and Professional Leagues). 

Our Girls Indoor Travel Teams

Indoor Technical Coordinator: Peter Bristotte

Season 2023-2024
U13 Madison/Morgan | U14 Marissa | U15 Josi | U15 Tony | U16 Tony | U16 Quintin | U17 Quintin | U18 Eric
Season 2022-2023
U12 Annie | U13 Nina | U14 Josi | U15 Peter | U16 Sam | U16 Maria | U17 Quintin
Season 2021-2022
U12 Olivia | U13 Mike | U14 Annie | U15 Nacola | U16 Josi | U17 Peter
Season 2020-2021
U13 Annie | U15 Peter | U16 Josi | U17 Camil | U18 Josi
Season 2019-2020
U12 Annie | U13 Peter | U14 Siron | U15 Kayla | U16 Bailey |  U17 Josi
Season 2018-2019
U12 Annie | U14 Kayla | U15 Peter | U16 James (indoor and beach) | U16 Josi (indoor only)
Season 2017-2018
U12 Josi | U14 Peter | U15 Josi | U16 Peter
Season 2016-2017
U13 Josi | U14 Peter
Other programs
Beach Volleyball Travel Teams (Girls & Boys)
Beach Volleyball Summer Camps and Clinics
Girls & Boys Indoor Summer Camps and Clinics
Girls & Boys Indoor High School Prep Clinics
Girls Indoor Middle School Prep Clinics
Girls Indoor Training Series (6th-9th grades, in-house)
Spike Starz (3rd-5th graders, coed)
Girls & Boys Indoor Club Tryout Prep Clinics
Indoor and Beach Volleyball Private Lessons


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