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Loudoun Elite teams are the travel teams of The Loudoun County Volleyball Club. This is one of the many programs our club offers to the Loudoun County community. Our Elite teams compete in approximately two tournaments per month, such as the wide known Capitol Hill Classic, the Northeast Qualifier in Philadelphia, PA, the Sunshine Classic Qualifier in Orlando, FL, the Northern Lights Qualifier in Minneapolis, MN and others.

Welcome to Loudoun Elite Volleyball!

In consonance with all other programs of our club, in our Loudoun Elite Travel Teams we are committed to produce technically-skilled players who aim to compete at the highest level. Our experienced and internationally recognized coaches provide skill based instruction in a supportive team building atmosphere. We cultivate a strong work ethic, competitiveness and commitment.

Our Philosophy

‚ÄčLoudoun Elite Travel Teams are dedicated to prepare our student-athletes for the next level of play. We strive for excellence through fundamental and advanced level training. Our hope is that athletes who participate in the travel team program will leave with a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence to pursue their own volleyball aspirations.

Our Club Travel Teams

Season 2016/17: 13U and 14U.
Season 2017/2018: 12U (local travel), 13U, 14U, 15U and 16U.

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